Letters to August | 8

Dear August,

It’s been a chill summer. I think I watched at least 100 movies so far, which I’m quite proud of.
Dad took some time off of work. It’s been nice having all four of us home for most of the day, especially in summer. No one has to study, or work on assignments, or go to work, or stress about anything work-related. We’re just… around each other. Being. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s been some tension- we’re not immune to that. I think it’s sorta inevitable when you’re around family. But nonetheless, it’s been good, August. I’m making memories. And I’m enjoying myself whilst I’m at it, too. As much as I can manage.
There’s much more I want to say, August, but I’m not sure I know how to say it. In any case, I’m far too tired to find out. I’ll write soon, inshaAllah.

Love always,



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