I Dare You To Move (Fore You Haven’t For A While Now)

I’ve been in a terrible mood lately, and I just seem to be exhausted all the time. Very unmotivated, and quite numb. If I could get away with it, I’d spend my whole time being a couch potato, and I think I’d be quite happy like that, too. For a while, at least. Possibly a long one. I guess I’m just feeling down, like I’ve been dragging a boulder with me everywhere I go. Frustrated, tired, and consequentially not in the mood to do anything, or go anywhere. Even typing this feels a bit like a chore, but- enough is enough! And I’ve had just about enough. I always go through these… dry spells of sorts. And getting out of them requires some motivation. Which is why this post is being typed, and hopefully shared with you.
I have a playlist titled “You’re Fine,” consisting of songs that at some point in my life have (lyrically, and musically) helped to motivate me and remind me that I’m, well, fine. That I’m doing just fine. I’m okay. That what I’m going through may not be okay, but I have it in me to be okay despite all that, or, that I have it in me to work to the point where I am okay. So I thought it would nice to share this playlist, just in case it might be of some help to you, too, in some way.

Be warned: it consists of multiple genres.

You’re Fine:

(I added a link to lyrics that aren’t included in the videos)

I might update this list every time a song makes its way to the playlist.

We’ll see!

Hope you’re doing well.



Updated: 10 May, 2017


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