The Period Between Transitions

There’s something exciting about standing on the edge of something big. Or, at least, on the edge of something that feels big.
There’s something exciting about standing on the cusp of The Emergence, especially after having spent a good amount of time wandering through, and waiting in that limbo that is the space between places. Between what was and what will be.
And the journey to that edge is fun. Because that’s where all the possibilities and hopes take root and grow, right? And, even though you don’t really know what it is you’re exactly in for, it’s that very notion that gives way to the thought that anything can happen, and that just fuels that excitement of yours. Makes you carry on walking towards that edge, despite your impatience.
And there’s something so satisfying about making it to that edge after having lived through the journey towards it. Not that the journey is something that needs to be endured, but sometimes the uncertainty can take a-hold of you, and there’s something incredibly satisfying about not allowing it to.
And when you finally see that edge right there in front of you, you can’t help but feel your chest swell with exhilaration, and your stomach swarm with nerves; it’s time to cherish what is left of the journey within the space between places, you will never be here again. Because it’s right there, it’s finally happening. All your wandering has lead you here, and you are finally taking the step you’ve been dying to take. But you’ve gotten comfortable in this limbo of yours. You’ve gotten comfortable in the thought of your possibilities, and the comfort of your hopes. What if it doesn’t live up to what I want it to be? What if it’s better than I imagined? And there’s something so, very GENUINE about those feelings felt when walking- running- jumping into that unknown. Because nothing is guaranteed, and yet, here you still are. Charging towards your destination, ready or not.
There’s something exciting about just watching it all unfold, no matter the outcome.


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