Letters to August | 4

Dear August,
I’m in a good mood tonight. I’m sitting down in the Room of Childhood Toys upstairs, listening to Lord Huron’s album “Strange Trails’, and  I am typing this while I wait for my nail polish to dry.
Mom and her friend are downstairs having a movie night. They’re currently on movie # 2.
I can hear them laughing at whatever’s happening on screen, making high-pitched, and breathless-from-laughter comments here and there about the movie. It’s nice to hear.
Mom and I went swimming earlier tonight. We swam in the darkness, which was a personal request from myself. I asked if we could keep the pool/garden lights off, because I like floating on the water, after a good swim, and staring up at the night sky. There’s something really nice about the muteness of it all. And, even though there was hardly a star in the sky (at least, at first glance*), I still enjoyed looking up.
When looking at something as big and magnificent as the sky, one can’t help but feel merely human. And, through that feeling, I felt like a part of the whole world. One of many. A fraction. 1/x. ‘x’ being everything that is/was/will be on this planet. This makes me feel both big, and small, because, am one person. And yet, in my person, there is a whole world of happenings. I am the protagonist of this story. But there’s a whole world of that. Of persons – and more, even – who each have a world of their own within them.

And when you take the time to think about that, it’s quite amazing (and mind-boggling), isn’t it?

Love always,


ps. The ‘Strange Trails’ album is quite good. I recommend you give it a listen.

*Sarah T. once told me that there are always stars in the sky, it’s just that we don’t really take the time to try and see them. And, ever since she said that, not many have gone unnoticed by me. Even if they were only a few scattered around here and there (like cake crumbs on a plate of a cake-enthusiast), I enjoy taking the time to find them.


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