Writer’s Block.

I have been visiting this stupid blank page for about a month, and I am sick and tired of looking at it! Everything I type – everything I begin to type – just feels wrong and technical and… irrelevant. It’s like when you become conscious about your breathing. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.
God, this is exhausting.
And I have spent so much time on thinking about what to write instead of actually JUST  W R I T I N G (typing).
T Y P I N G.
I can’t take it anymore!
It started with my first round of midterms. I was so busy studying and stressing out about them, so I didn’t really have enough time to do anything during all that. But then, when I finished my midterms, I decided I was going to write about how stressful things were, or something (?), but then I got caught up with spring break (and all that FREEDOM), that I felt it was a bit too late to discuss that. Like, you’re time has passed, Topic, I will maybe see you reincarnated after my second round of midterms, or, maybe even, finals! So, after I decided against that topic, I then decided I was going to write about how I realised how bad I am at dealing with things when under stress. But every time I thought about it in my head, it came off, and felt, so pointless. Like, why? Why are you writing this, Farah? What is the point? So then, I thought, why not write something more heartfelt, something small and simple. And I sat down for a while, trying to tie words together to form sentences that felt like they were made of something more than just words, but everything I came up with just felt so sappy and cheesy. And not in the good way, I might add.
So, after some time, All Time Low’s new album “Future Hears” is out, and I think, “Hey! All Time Low’s new album is out. Let’s write about that!” And I try to type words that describe how I feel about the “Future Hearts” album, but I fail. Miserably. Which is sad, because it’s a great album.

So, here I am, writing – typing – about… nothing, really. But I’m hoping that by doing this, I’ll be breaking this spell I’m under. That I’ll be breaking the ice between me and myself.
I am told that you are supposed to push through, and be all like, “SCREW YOU, WRITER’S BLOCK. SCREW. YOU.”
Here’s hoping it works.


8 thoughts on “Writer’s Block.

  1. You know what I just realized after reading this? We try too hard. We put a lot of pressure into writing and maintaining blogs. I don’t know how I feel about that. On one hand, any kind of pressure is bad but on the other hand, don’t you just feel a neeeed to write? Like words are just itching to come out and you know they’re there but they’re somehow locked up and refusing to come. By not sitting down and writing I feel guilty that I’m not “making the time.” Maybe that’s just me? I try to think of new topics all the time and come up empty. You know what helps? Reading. I read stuff online and then think about them and one thought leads to another and then I’m formulating opinions of my own on the subject and some of these thoughts are coherent enough for a blog post.
    Hey, even a frustrated post is still a post. They’re feelings. You got them out there and that’s what blogs are about. Here’s to more posts no matter what!

    • I completely agree with everything you’ve stated, although I’ve never considered reading as a way to get out of writer’s block. I mean, I usually try to observe the things happening around me and then get my opinions and thoughts from that, and yes, reading does do that, but I’ve never actively or purposefully tried to read something with the intention of formulating an opinion for a blog post or a piece of writing that I’m working on. I usually have to wait for inspiration to strike, which is hard to do when you have to juggle university work and a social life and time to relax and all that jazz. The thing is though, it’s not like I have to really FORCE myself to write something, the desire – the need – is already there, just as you stated. Something in me is itching to get out, but it’s just that it can’t seem to find the right way in the maze that is my mind.
      Keep the posts coming, I say! No matter what! Amen to that, sista! Come rain or shine, may we always have something to write about!

  2. I had writers block for a while, and I spent ages just typing random stuff. It’s not good because you feel like you should just be able to type! Bleh! I’ve started to whip out the camera now and start vlogging too, which is. good fun <3! Do you have any favourite youtubers?? I have a fair few but I love collaborations that they do, it's all good fun! 🙂 you should try vlogging! 🙂 it still makes me nervous but it's good fun! Xxx

    • I’ve never considered blogging before. I don’t know. I’m sorta camera-conscious. I’ve toyed with the idea of it, but never seriously. Sort of imagined it. BLAH! I can imagine it being fun, but also awkward. Me talking to a camera. Alone.
      Maybe one day I will. Who knows?
      My favorite Youtubers are: ItsWayPastMyBedtime, Jack Howard, Charlieissocoollike, JacksGap, Anna Akana, Olan Rogers, Danisnotonfire, Amazing Phil, Jack and Dean, Zefrank1, Crabstickz, Joe Santagato. I think that’s about it. I think. Who are yours?

      • So I have literally just seen this comment, I didn’t get a notification for it? Oh well, luckily I checked out! You should try it, I find it scary but it’s also fun, you’ll get more confident when you get going, but of course it’s up to you:)

        My favourites are Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Zoella, HeyNadine and some of Tyler Oakley 🙂 xx

      • I’ve been toying with the idea of vlogging for some time now. Maybe. One day. When I feel like I reeeeeeeally want to do it. I’ve never heard of HeyNadine! I’m going to check her out.

        What made you want to start your youtube channel?

      • Hey!! Long time no chat! Ahh that’s good, well whenever you want to start, HIT ME UP, so I can subscribe 🙂

        I don’t know really, I like making people smile I guess, and i’m still not too confident as to why I log, well that’s a lie, I like sharing exciting experiences or events and places I go to, but like blogging, I won’t let it take over my whole experience if you get what I mean 🙂 xxx

  3. You should start vlogging! I’ve recently started, and whilst I get nervous about it all, i’m trying to push myself to do more, because it is good fun, and it has helped me with my university work! It’s like, I know what to select and show (have in my videos), which has helped with presentations and essays! I hate writers block. SUCKY! xx

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