A Thought While Watching ‘The Theory of Everything’

I recently watched The Theory of Everything with a couple of friends of mine (which was really good. The performances were remarkable- especially Eddie Redmayne’s), and, while we were watching, one of my friends said “Can you believe that some people have only heard of Stephen Hawking because of this movie?” She went on to explain how oblivious some people are for not knowing him until now. And I agreed. I mean, I don’t know where or when I first heard about Stephen Hawking (it was probably while listening to my parents discuss something), but his name has come up a number of times during my life time. He’s mentioned in movies, youtube videos, comedy shows, books, school– the list goes on and on. He’s been mentioned enough for me to form somewhat of an image of him in my head, enough for me to hear his name and go “Oh, he’s that really science-y guy. The one that’s in a wheel chair and can’t talk on his own or something.”
So I agreed with her, you’re probably somewhat oblivious if you’ve never heard about Stephen Hawking. But – and this is a major but – what’s more important? Knowing that this person exists? Or taking the time to know why it matters that he does? I have known Stephen Hawking’s name for most of my life, and I have not bothered to do a simple google search about him until this movie. I didn’t know Stephen Hawking was an Englishman until I watched the trailer for The Theory of Everything. If you had asked me, “What is Stephen Hawking known for primarily?” I would not have known the answer to that question. Heck, if you’d pointed at a picture of him and asked me, “Who is this guy?” I would have hesitantly said, “Stephen Hawking.”
The fact is, I knew of him (slightly), it just never occurred to me to know the basic things about him. I think that makes all the difference.
What are your thoughts?

On another note, I highly recommend you listen to the OST (official soundtrack) of The Theory of Everything. It’s good music to wander off to. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55885Qnt7Ps


9 thoughts on “A Thought While Watching ‘The Theory of Everything’

  1. That is such a good point. I completely agree, and I have an idea of what he does but I really want to see this film so that I don’t feel ignorant as I do now. The thing with me is that, I love stories and I would much rather watch a film or read a book than do research on someone. Though, I am aware of my ignorance, I feel that schools have also lacked in teaching us certain things. Fot example, my mum asked me to name historians and I couldn’t… Neither could she, but we could name people OF history. How curious is that??

    • You know, now that you mention it, I can’t think of any historians. I’m not sure I even know any, which has JUST been brought to my attention. That is so weird. How do we not know any historians!? I’m so going to google this.
      Also, I wrote this because I was thinking something along the lines of “WHEN you know someone shouldn’t matter as much as WHAT you know about them,” or something like that. As in, there are worse things than NOT hearing about some the same time everyone else does. You could hear about them constantly and never bother to do a simple google search about them. Knowing that someone is relevant is not the same as knowing WHY someone is relevant, so if you happen to hear about this relevant person way after others have, but you take the time to find out WHY they are relevant, then that’s all that matters. You know?
      I was just thinking about what my friend said, and it got the whole discussion going on in my head.
      Also! The film is more centred on his personal life with his wife, than it is on his achievements, but you do get a good glimpse into that as well. It was a really good movie. Eddie Redmayne was – is – superb, and Felicity Jones great as well. The soundtrack was good too, I just wish the tracks themselves were longer. But still, all around a good movie. Instant classic.

      (My comments to you always tend to be on the long side. Sorry about that.)

      • It’s crazy isn’t it?! and what you’ve said is very true, and I agree with it all! I really want to see it, Eddie Redmayne is very very good, I’ve had the privilege of being in the same room as him, but he is lovely, have you seen him on Graham Norton? It’s VERY funny!!! Haha, and I love your comments, I would also have extremely long ones if I weren’t replying on my phone! Hahah but I enjoy your blog and your comments too:) xx

        Ehm. That’s cool.
        No, but honestly, that is SO COOL! Why did that happen? Where were you? What happened? Did you get to talk to him? Did he look at you?
        (I am telling myself to chill right now.)
        And I have seen Graham Norton! I loved every second of it. It was a reeeally good episode, I laughed especially when he talked about his audition for The Hobbit! Gosh! When he made that Bilbo Baggins voice, I laughed a lot because of that. I rewatched that part multiple times.
        I’m glad you enjoy my comments, I was sorta worried you found me to be annoying. I’m glad you don’t.

      • Hahaha yeah my university had a survey and they chose people to then go to the theatre standard evening awards, unfortunately I didn’t talk to him, but I hope he looked up into the student circle hahaha!

        Graham Norton is absolutely amazing! He jist knows how to do a good chat show!! I loved the Nala maid Marian and robin hood sexual awakening! Haha!

        Of course I don’t! Its quite nice to have a blogging buddy! (I consider you a blogging buddy now!) haha xxx

      • That is still really cool.
        And I consider you to be a blogging buddy as well!
        I think Graham Norton is a really good chat show, I like seeing people, who you wouldn’t think of seeing together, together. It’s nice watching these people talk to each other. And the whole Nala/Maid Marion sexual awakening was the best! I canmt believe I forgot that. Have you ever found a cartoon character sorta attractive? Personally speaking, I always found Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet to be hot.

      • Yeah he is amazing! I love how casually funny his show is, and of course I have haha, Jim Hawkins haha! Mine would definitely be Flynn Rider, ooof he was a hottie, but I also liked the guy from The Road To El Dorado, the one with black hair, hahaha :’) xx

      • Haha! Do you know I once watched The Road to El Dorado and I never finished it? I have no idea why. I see a lot of gifs of it on tumblr. It seems quite funny. I remember that Inused to find the Beast’s human form (from Beauty and The Beast) pretty. He was a handsome human.

      • Really?! Omg you have to watch it. It is quite funny, especially watching it as an 20 year old haha, and aww I preferred beast as beast, he was a bit weird looking as a human to me haha xx

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