23. Judged By The Cover

I apologise for the lateness of this post, I was focusing on my assignments and all that. Good news though! I no longer have university work to worry about. I’m done with all the assignments and presentations and exams etc., etc.. I can relax. For now.

Today’s description is one that I’ve been looking forward to since I first read this list of descriptions a month ago. I have the perfect book in mind for this!

The Truth About ForeverThe Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. I used to make fun of my sister for reading Sarah Dessen’s books. I did this because her, Sarah’s, books seemed so “beach-read-ish”, you know? They look like the kind of books that are all about getting the guy in the end.
Boy, was I wrong about that! Even though there still is a guy somewhere in there (and hopefully in the end as well!), these stories were not about silly romances at all.
The first book of Sarah’s that I read is the one mentioned somewhere above (obviously). At the time, I had no new books to read and I wasn’t really in the mood to reread any of the ones that I had. So I asked my sister if she had any books that she thought I’d like. She instantly reached for The Truth About Forever and told me to read it. I was slightly hesitant, but also curious and excited. I wanted to see what my sister saw every time she read those books. It felt like she was in on this big secret that I wasn’t a part of. I’d taunt her about these books and she’d simply look at me with this content expression on her face, and she’d say, “You don’t understand,” and then go back to reading. I wanted to see and experience for myself what was going on in those books. And, I must say, that after reading this book, I got it. Sarah Dessen has this way of making you understand things that you think you understand. And Like Rainbow Rowell and John Green (and many others that I am not mentioning), Sarah Dessen has this way of taking simple plot lines and exploring them, making so much happen out of something simple. Her characters are very likeable, and also quite relatable. And even when they are not that, they are understandable. You understand where they’re coming from and why they’re doing what they’re doing. You get it. And what’s also nice about Sarah Dessen’s books is that the characters feel real. As if they were somewhere in the world around you. As if they were the girl who’s in that class you take, or the boy whose sister is best friends with yours. The guy you see at the gas station. They feel real. Like they’re out there, somewhere in the world. Granted, the male leads in these stories are quite swoon-worthy and dashing and sorta perfect, but they still feel real.
If you have not read a Sarah Dessen book I highly recommend that you at least give it a try. Read this one! The Truth About Forever. It has a very nice ending, and the last page was especially goosebump-worthy. Which reminds me! Something else I like about Sarah’s books is that she (usually) mentions the title of the book in the story. I don’t know why, but I really like that. It was especially nice in her book Someone Like You (which also was a very nice book).

This may be my last “Book Photo Challenge” related post, I’m not sure yet. I’m not really having fun with it as much as I did when I first started. We’ll see how things go.


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