16 & 17: Haunting Read & Slept With The Lights On

I didn’t post anything regarding the Book Photo Challenge yesterday, and I have a completely valid reason for that: I spent a lot of time yesterday obsessing over the show Peaky Blinders. For those of you who don’t know, Peaky Blinders is a BBC show about… I can’t really summarise it (I suck at summarising because I always worry about whether I’m giving too little or too much info. (if it’s too little, does it sound interesting? If it’s too much, am I boring you and therefore making the thing itself sound boring and all-over-the-place like I’m coming off?) so I think it’d be best if you just google it or check IMDb.com). It’s SO good. It’s intense, but in a really good way. I find myself pausing a lot just to let scenes sink in. And the lead character! He’s so… I don’t have words. Well. I do. But that would have to be a blogpost of it’s own, because there’s so much to say about him. He’s an anti-hero. A really cool one. And those two previous sentences do not justify the efforts put into making this character, because he’s… There’s not just one word to describe him. I mean, I can’t sum up anyone with just one word, not even myself, so trying to sum up this complex character is frustrating enough (and, the thing is, he’s complex to explain to others, but, while watching, you kind of just get it. He’s mostly a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of guy). I highly recommend you check it out (obviously), it’s really good. A bit of a warning, the first episode was a bit… boring, but I promise you, it does pick up somewhere in the middle, and the rest of the episodes just get more interesting, and the show becomes quite fast-paced.

Alright. I’m done. I’ve let it off my chest. Books. We’re here to discuss books. Two books, in fact. One that fits the description “Haunting read”, and another that fits “Slept with the lights on”.

A book I found to be a bit “haunting” is:

Love Letters to the Dead

“Love Letters to the Dead” by Ava Dellaira. The book wasn’t exactly “haunting”, but it does have a sort of haunted tone. The letters are written with this… weight on them. It feels like every word was consciously thought of.
I found the first half of this book slightly boring. I kept on wondering where it was going, and if it was going to convey some sort of point any time soon, but then, somewhere in the middle of it all, I became less aware of the fact that I was reading a book, and that it was supposed to have a beginning and an end, and that there was supposed to be some sort of climax. I forgot about the mechanics of it all, and I just read. I read and read, and I started to understand the protagonist more, and then I grew an emotional attachment (it wasn’t a strong one, mind you, but it was still there) to her (the protagonist, I mean). I have no clue why the second half was better than the first half for me, but that’s just the way it was. I enjoyed the way the letters were written, they were sort of romantic. From the heart, which is what gave it, it’s haunting vibe, I believe.
The story is about this girl who has to write a letter to a dead person for English class. She first writes to Kurt Cobain because her sister liked him, and then she just continues writing letters to a bunch of people who have died, like: Amelia Earheart, River Phoenix, Amy Winehouse and many, many others. It was a good book. Definitely worth a read.

As for the second description, I don’t believe I have ever completely read a book that made me sleep with the lights on. I say “completely” because I remember there being a book that made me scared, but I’m not entirely sure which book that was (or if it made sleep with the lights on). It might have been Stephen King’s “1408”, and if it was, I never finished it. I remember two things about this book: 1) There was a part where they found documents, in a hotel room, written in blood, and, 2) when I read that part, it made me throw the book across my bedroom. (I was quite young).
I’m not sure if it was “1408”, but I am sure that it was set in a hotel room. So, who knows? I certainly don’t.

And, I was supposed to have finished the second book from the Booktober thingamajig, but, alas, I have not. I have a few chapters of “The Graveyard Book” (by Neil Gaiman) that I have to finish. You can blame Peaky Blinders for that, I certainly do. (And university, university does have to take some of the blame here).


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