6. Book & Candle

The sixth of October has arrived, and I am somewhat perplexed by today’s “Photo Book Challenge” description. “Book and candle”. Perhaps they mean something romantic? Perhaps they mean a book based on times where they read by candle-light? Perhaps they mean a book I’ve read, or can picture myself reading, by candle-light? Who knows? I certainly don’t. But I’ve picked a book that fits all three possibilities:

Pride & Prejudice

There are three books in that picture that fit those three possibilities, but I’m obviously talking about the one that looks like it’s been cracked open. “Pride & Prejudice” by Jane Austen. Where do I begin? I like Jane Austen’s stories. I’m saying “stories”, because I’ve watched her works more than I have read them. In fact, the only book of hers I have ever read is “Pride & Prejudice”, and I watched it way, way, way before I read it. I was introduced to it by my mom. She had the BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice on video cassette, and it was one of those cool box-sets where each tape cover (sleeve?) had part of a picture on it’s side, and, when you put all those sides together, they made one picture, which was Elizabeth Bennet (but I didn’t know that at the time. All I saw was a woman in a white-ish dress looking dramatically into the camera). I always looked at that box-set mystified, because it just looked so… intense. I never watched it on my own, even though I was tempted to, because I wasn’t sure if I was allowed. (For all I knew, “Pride & Prejudice” could have been a story about some very (as my mom would say when we were younger) hanky-panky things). And then, one day (when DVDs started to take over the world), my mom bought the DVD set and sat me and my sister down with her to watch it. She kept on saying that we were going to love it, and we did. It was a bit boring at first, nothing seemed to really be happening. But then the story started to pick up, and I was hooked. I was also weirded out at seeing Colin Firth there (back then, I was only used to seeing him in “What A Girl Wants” starring Amanda Bynes, and “Nanny McPhee”. Basically, as father figures), but I (slowly) grew used to seeing him there as the male lead (very slowly). And then when I was 18, after seeing many other Jane Austen works, I decided that it was high time I read something of hers, and, naturally, I went with “Pride & Prejudice”. To be honest, like I found the beginning a tad bit boring when first watching it all those years ago, when reading it, I also found it to be a bit boring at the beginning. But that’s because the BBC adaptation is so loyal to the book, I didn’t really feel like I was getting a new experience. It felt more like I was going through a slower version of the BBC adaptation. But then it started to get interesting, and I couldn’t put it down, and when I did, I couldn’t wait to pick it up again. Her writing I wasn’t used to at all, but with time it started to roll of my subconscious tongue more easily.

The next book by Jane Austen I’m going to read is probably going to be Persuasion (also in the picture above), but I’m not sure yet. I might go with Northanger Abbey. We’ll see.

If you’d like to join the October ‘Photo Book Challenge’, you can definitely do so! It’s never too late to join. For the list of descriptions and whatnot, please look here: https://theoceaninsidemyhead.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/books-books-and-you-guessed-it-more-books/


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