Books, Books, And (You Guessed It) More Books

I was scrolling down my dashboard on tumblr last night- doing my final tumblr-check of the night before finally getting some sleep- when I came across this interesting post about a BOOK PHOTO CHALLENGE.

tumblr_mtyfjsuaBN1rzheafo1_500What you have to do is simply post a picture of a book everyday of the month of October that fits the description on the picture. Did that make sense? If not, allow me to further explain: on the first of October post a picture of a book that fits the description “Thriller, Thriller Night”, and on the second, post a picture of a book that fits the description “This book put a spell on me”, and so on and so forth. It sounds really fun and interesting, especially with the Halloween theme going on. If you have any questions, or you would like to join more monthly book challenges, (or you’re just interested in seeing more of what this site has to offer), check them out here:

(Also, if you end up reading the Book Photo Challenge FAQ, you’ll notice that it states that if you choose to take part in this challenge, you can do so on either tumblr or instagram. Although I do have a tumblr and instagram account, I feel far more comfortable posting things here, because, well, I’m not so vocal on tumblr. Actually, I am, but it’s more of a “vocal” using other people’s words and pictures and videos… thing. And I don’t feel so comfortable posting this on instagram either because I can’t imagine posting a picture there everyday for a month- it’s TOO MUCH. I WON’T DO IT. +, my account is private, so, how will my echoes off the top of my mountain reach you?)

Now, since I’ve missed the first day, I’ll be posting day 1 & 2 together.

Neil and Steve chillin together

For day 1, I picked “The Ocean At The End of The Lane” by Neil Gaiman. I was going to pick Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane, but I felt that was more “mystery” than it was “thriller”. I realised that I don’t really read a lot of thriller books. I have books that sort of fit the “thriller” genre, but I’d define even those as being more mysterious than “thriller-y”.

And I picked “The Perks of Being A Wallfower” by Stephen Chbosky as the book that cast a spell on me, because it did. Cast a spell on me, I mean. I instantly felt drawn to it. Reading the first pages, I wasn’t very sure where it was going or if I wanted to really keep on reading it. I picked it up just because I was curious. I didn’t and don’t know why I kept on reading, I just did, and I’m so glad I did. I’m so glad. Perks is one of my favorite books, if not the favorite. It’s one of those books that- it’s like when you listen to a song that’s completely right. It sounds just right, the lyrics speak to you, the music draws you in, and this wonderful song enters your life at exactly the right moment, though you don’t know it yet. Reading Perks felt like listening to that song in that right moment.

Also! I’ll be joining Carrie Hope Fletcher’s Booktober thingamajig (“thingamajig” is a real word. Wow.). The challenge (or proposal?) is to read 4 books this month. It’ll be done like this:

Book One: Oct. 1 – Oct. 8
Book Two: Oct 8 – Oct. 15
Book Three: Oct. 15 – Oct. 22
Book Four: Oct. 22 – Oct. 29

I’m not sure if I’ll follow this plan exactly that way, I might play around with it a bit. (I probably won’t, but I’m just stating this in case I do). Feel free to do so as well if you like!

The first book I’ve chosen to read on Booktober is “Hector & The Search For Happiness” by Francois Lelord. (I need to google how to put the squiggly thing under the “c” in “Francois”).

Hector and Happiness

So far it’s been quite a fun read. It feels very much like a children’s book for grownups. (You’ll understand what I mean when/if you read the book (And if you’ve already read, you probably already know what I mean, in which case, props to you.)). I feel a bit nervous posting this because it means that I’ll have to stick to it. To doing this. I tend to start things and not really finish them, but this will not be happening now. I’m going to try and not let it happen.

Please feel free to join in on this if you’d like! It would be very nice and fun to see what books you all bring to this metaphorical table (the internet, mostly
See you lovelies soon.


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