The Real World

I now understand why I associate sadness with reality. You know when you’re sad and you start thinking “This is what the world is really like. This is what people talk about,” well, I now know why I (and, I believe, many others) think that. It’s because people always say “the real world” when talking about how horrible, hard, and untrustworthy some things, and people, are. “In the real world, people won’t be there to help you.” “In the real world you can only really rely on yourself.” “You have to start growing up and taking responsibility. Prepare yourself for the real world.” And I understand that it’s good to be prepared, that it’s nice to be independent and it’s also very convenient. It’s a necessary skill-set. But by saying those things- that “the real world” is tough, and cruel, and heartless- people start assuming that happiness and goodness are a part of some mythical land that doesn’t really exist. That when you’re sad, this is reality, but when you’re happy, you’re out of this world. You’ve found some magic and you’ve sprinkled it all over yourself. And who knows how long it will last- how long it will take for this magic to wear off, for reality to invade your life again. But that’s not the case; your happiness is just as real as your sadness. There is  no magical place that you go to when you’re happy. It’s all here. In the same room and house that you’ve felt and endured your sadness in. In the same school or university, in the same city. It’s all happening in the same country. In the same world and universe. It’s all your reality. They’re both there, they’re not mutually exclusive.
People worn you of sadness and they always forget to mention happiness. And I’m sure they thought that it wasn’t really worth mentioning because, it’s happiness, what are they really going to say about it? We’ve all felt it. (Hopefully). But I feel like people have talked about hurt, and sadness, so much, that we’ve started to fear it in an unhealthy way. We’ve started to think that once we’re sad, all chances of happiness are gone. That the illusion of happiness has been shattered. But it’s not. There is no illusion. Both are very real. Both can be very strong, and profound. Like summer and winter. Sometimes you’re so hot, you feel like you’ll never know what it’s like to be cold again. You’ve forgotten what it’s like to not sweat all over and squint your eyes every time you step outside. But then, seasons change (or you just have air-conditioning) and you remember.You remember what it’s like to feel cold to the extent of needing a jacket to keep warm. You remember- and then things go on and on. You just have to remember that, no matter how bad things are, they are going to get better. They’ll change. You’ll feel happy again, and then you’ll get sad again, but then you feel happiness again, too. Both are your reality. Both can affect you greatly, and they can coexist. They can.


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