I Read A Comment On Instagram And It Sort Of Changed My Outlook On Things

I read a comment on one of John Green’s Instagram pictures that said, “You are so good, John. If I were ever to be famous I’d try to be like you.”
This comment bothered me mainly because: Why can’t this person (and not even specifically this person, why can’t we all) strive to be good without being “famous”? Why is it for us to be something, we must be recognized for it? I know the feeling. You start to think, “If I was famous, I’d be just like this person. I’d be as funny or as brilliant or as kind or as witty as they are. I’d have lots of people to see that I’m such a nice (or whatever) person, lots of people would reblog posts about me on tumblr and they will notice things that the people around me have not. They will truly see and appreciate the person I am.” Why do we feel the need for that? To be recognized greatly for being who we are and/or doing what we do? Why do we want to be glorified? Why do we act like we need the validation of others to be who we are? If there’s anything that brings down your self-worth, it’s that you can’t be good, and kind, and funny, and anything really, just for yourself. You are who you are whether people see it or not. As long as you recognize what you do and who you are, and you know where you stand as a person, then that’s all that should count to you. It’s very easy to get caught up in this web of… insecurities. I know that. And I’ve let myself believe that I needed others to see me for who I am, instead of just being who I am. It’s nice to get compliments from others. It is. It’s very nice when someone notices the things that you do in yourself, it’s even nicer when someone notices it before you do. But it’s good to remind yourself that you count. Your thoughts and opinions about yourself, count. In fact, yours should be the first thoughts and opinions that count. What you think about you comes before what others think about you. It’s easier said than done sometimes because people’s thoughts and opinions (whether good or bad) have a tendency to sneak up on us and make us think that they matter more than they do. And they can matter very much (depending on a number of things), it’s just good to remind yourself that your thoughts about you matters more. Try being great just for you.


2 thoughts on “I Read A Comment On Instagram And It Sort Of Changed My Outlook On Things

  1. I think that your blog is absolutely lovely and so I have nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’! Details are over on my blog on my latest post!

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