The Click

When I am asked to pinpoint a specific number of songs that have affected me, or just left some sort of a mark, I find it hard to think of anything. How am I supposed to pick just 3 out of thousands? Granted, not every one of those songs has significant meaning, but still. Something about me: I find it impossible to call someone “my idol”, so I’ve managed to sort of idolize people’s creations instead. I’m more comfortable with that. There are 4 artists that have created a number of things that, I believe, had a significant impact on me. Things that I “idolize” And, because I have nothing better to do, I thought I might share them with you.

Okay. When I think about the musical artists I’m about to mention, I think a lot about the moment when something in my head clicked into place. The moment where I got a feeling and thought, “Yes. I’ve found you.”  I’ve only felt that feeling with these 4 artists, the last one of which was fairly recent. It was about two weeks ago. I think. Now, I don’t really know why something in my head clicked when I listened to these songs, it just did. It just made sense. As if it were a puzzle piece that fit perfectly into one of my parts. They seemed quite relevant to me, and most of them have managed to stay relevant. The first time I felt “the click” was in the 11th grade. No. It was maybe the 10th grade. Yeah, that sounds more right. I was at a friend (called Nouf)’s house with another friend named Basmah. We were reviewing for the Math final we would be taking the next day, and Nouf felt a need to share with us a DVD this band, called All Time Low, had made. Nouf always does this. Whenever she finds something she loves, she shares it with everyone she can get her hands on. It’s something that comes very naturally to her. And, naturally, I became curious and excited (but also not excited, because we had a final the next day and I was not in the mood to be “amazed”) to hear and see this band she kept on talking about so passionately. The DVD started and it was okay at first. I wasn’t blown away or anything like that, that is, until I heard the intro song to their concert. The song is called Lost In Stereo and for this live performance they had an epic intro to it. I was instantly hooked. It sounded really good. They could not have put together a series of notes more perfectly. And I just felt this click. This “Ahh, yes. I’ve found it” feeling. I quickly asked, “What’s this song called?” and that was that. I later told my friend Sarah T. about it and I made her promise not to listen to it without me. I wanted to see the look on her face when she listened to them, to it, for the first time. She wasn’t as excited as I thought she’d be, which, I remember, I thought was odd. How could she not feel it? Obviously, it isn’t something you can control. But I thought it was so good that the idea of someone thinking otherwise felt unbelievable. “How could she not feel it?” was a thought that took up a lot of the space in my head when I quickly realized that she, in fact, wasn’t feeling it. I felt like someone pointing to an object that was obviously there while others just looked at me like: no.

The second band I felt The Click with was Twenty One Pilots. Again, this one was through Nouf as well. She came to university all excited to tell me about them and how she found them and how they were really good and I remember going home and downloading their stuff (you don’t question these things with Nouf, when she likes something it’s usually good. Especially when she likes them as much as she passionately describes them. Besides, Nouf and I have a very similar taste in music (I feel I might discuss this on a later post (I don’t know why I think anyone would want to read about that but, shhh, trust me)))- As I was saying I went home, downloaded their stuff, listened to the song Nouf told me to listen to (which was Holding On To You) AND… I didn’t understand why she was so hyped up about them. They didn’t sound bad at all, but I didn’t see why she was so passionate about them. I just didn’t get it. There was no click- yet. The next day while I was on my way to a very early AM class (seriously. The sun was still rising.) I decided to listen to something else by these Twenty One Pilots. I’m not sure how this song came, did I shuffle? Did I randomly pick it? (Do you care?) Not sure. The point is, I listened to a song called Car Radio and it was like a spell was cast on me. I was enchanted. He wasn’t singing and he wasn’t really rapping either. He was talking. Talking to me. And he was saying very honest things that made me feel like I was going to cry (maybe the whole setting of early morning-ness helped a little, but still.). I felt The Click and I just knew. Twenty One Pilots’ album Vessel is the first album I like as a whole. I cannot pick a favorite on that album.

The third artists are a band called Bastille. With Bastille The Click didn’t happen so quickly, it happened around half a year (or more even) after I first heard them. I’m not sure how I was introduced to them, but I remember liking their song Pompeii and then downloading their album and then really enjoying it during the summer (last summer). But I didn’t feel The Click until after all that. I was at Basmah’s house with a friend of ours named Anoud (a lot of us like to call her Bog, (or maybe not. You know, now that I think about it, I’m not entirely sure)). Bog had come back from The Big Apple where she saw Bastille live, and she was telling us about it. About how much she loved the atmosphere and how much fun she had and then she made us listen to a bunch of songs that they covered and one of those songs in particular made me feel The Click. It’s called What Would You Do? and it felt as if the events of the night were all leading to this one moment in my head. We were sitting outside, it was cold, there was a fire, I had my Back To The Future shirt on, I was feeling pretty and secure about a lot of things, we were laughing, and we were having a good time. I was content. The stage had set itself up (I feel I should mention that Bog gave a good introduction as well) for this one moment where this song plays, and then everything just felt right. The Click. I have found another puzzle piece. I was quite happy to be there in that moment with those people. It was good.

The fourth artist (finally) is called Sleeping At Last. It’s a solo act. And this guy’s lyrics are enough. You don’t even need the music, although the music itself could be a stand-alone project. They’re just so good separately that when you put them together, they create something beautiful. His music makes me feel like he has this way of listening to things. Like he knows how things sound, and what you need to hear lyrically as well as musically. I first really listened to him on the weekend before my first final. I was tired of studying so I decided that I would listen to some songs I shazamed (or wrote down somewhere). The song of his I first listened to is called You’re Enough, and I remember thinking that the fact that this person wrote a song about being enough had to mean that this person understood. So I looked up his other stuff and when I listened to a song of his called Saturn, The Click happened. When first listening to his songs I felt as though I had stumbled upon this chest of the universe’s intimate secrets. They were simple and so profound. They sound… I’m trying to explain it but whatever I think of just doesn’t feel like it’s doing it justice. He makes you feel significant. Not in a you’re-so-great-you’re-on-top-of-the-world kind of way. It’s more of a you’re-human-and-alive-and-that’s-good kind of way. You know?


5 thoughts on “The Click

  1. This was cool to read. I found it through the twenty one pilots tag and when I read the paragraph about them I had a feeling you were going to mention The Click happening with Car Radio. Vessel is one of the few albums I like as a whole, too.

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