A Conversation With My Mirror

  Why hello there, dear stranger. How are you? It’s been a while since we sat down and talked. How’ve you been? I hope your travels were safe and adventurous. I hope you enjoyed your time and I hope that you learned and experienced new things since we last saw each other. No? You haven’t, you say. Well, that’s quite sad. And you’ve been gone a long time. What on Earth have you been up to then? What! Really? Oh, now you’ve really done it. I feel horrible now. I probably look it as well if you’re anything to go by. I just don’t understand! Imagine having a brain and two legs and the freedom to walk around and do so many things, anything that occurred to you, but doing nothing instead with the time given to you. To think that it means nothing to you. How I envy that. You’ve been given so much time you don’t care if any of it is lost! Well, friend. I only exist when you step in front of your looking glass, so would you mind it terribly if I asked you to do something for me? Since my self is in your hands, would you mind if I asked for a favor? Thank you, that’s very kind. Would you mind making me better? I quite like looking nice, and I do enjoy hearing interesting conversation. I like to learn new things as it keeps me fascinated with the world. And I do enjoy having a brain… At least, for the few seconds that I do have one. You have to be better for the both of us, friend. I know you can do it. That is all I ask. Thank you. 


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