Let me tell you something about pictures. They capture moments. Moments that you want to remember. So it’s best to act as natural as possible while taking them. Don’t think of it as a “pic”. Think of it as a photo. Something you’re going to look at 20, 30, 40 years from now. Something you’re going to show your kids and your grandkids. Something you’re going to remember. Something you want to remember. Think of it as a moment that will never be repeated again. Ever. This is you now. You then. Don’t spend too much time taking pictures with fake smiles. It’s okay to take pictures like that. But they’re not going to be the ones that matter because what happens when you look at those photos all these years from now is that instead of seeing memories, all you’re going to see is a lifeless you looking back. The same frozen expression in different clothes and a different background looking back at you. It won’t matter. This one will. Just look at the camera and smile to the people looking at it. Smile to the people looking at your photo. Genuinely smile. Say cheese and mean it.
There you are.


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